Tips & Ideas

Tip 8. Edging and boundaries

It is important to have a retaining edge that not only supports the driveway, flower bed or steps but provides a finishing to the entire project. Use an alternative block such as a bullnose curb or a railway sleeper (for a more rustic effects) to define edges, steps or flowerbeds. The curbs are a slighly larger block and offer a good bold finish.


Using edging materials are also good if you have an adjoining space and would like to identify boundary lines.

Image of steps edged in bullnose curbs

Front door steps created using bullnose curbs

Image showing paving edged using a railway sleeper

Natural sandstone terrace edged with railway sleeper

Image showing garden steps edged with railway sleeper

Front garden steps edged using railway sleeper

Image of flowerbed retained using a railway sleeper

Retaining a flowerbed using a railway sleeper

Image of driveway edged using a charcoal block

Driveway edged using a contrasting colour of a charcoal block