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Paved and Victorian tiled Front Garden.

Reason Improve the appearance
Type Man-made paving & victorian tiles
Budget £2000 (guide only)
Size 12m2
Duration 4 days (guide only)

The home owner liked a more formal style to her setting and after renovating her house she decided to continue her renovations to the front garden. The simplicity of this chaucer paving allowed the more detailed pattern of the victorian tiled pathway to be laid uncompromisingly. The use of the wrought iron railings completes this front garden creating the more formal urban dwelling. This product is available in 3 colours ‘buff’ ‘natural’ and ‘charcoal’ that can be selected accordingly.

Image of victorian House

Victorian house in residential area

Image of front path in victorian tiles and iron gate

Victorian tiled pathway and wrought iron front garden gate

Image of front garden paved in concrete slab

Front garden paved in the nan-made 'Chaucer' paving slab