Single driveway

Style Herringbone
Type Modern sharp edge block (Omega)
Area Front Garden
Budget £5000 (guide only)
Size 90m2
Duration 7 days (guide only)

The front garden of this property was filled with large shrubs and plants. The client wanted to reduce the hours of upkeep on the property whilst achieving parking and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing front garden.

This driveway was designed to incorporate a pattern that gave interest to the space and complimented the style of the art deco property. Two contrasting colours (Red and Buff) were used to achieve the sun pattern and a charcoal and brindle were used to border the space. A front step gave the height transition between the driveway and door and a small flower bed was included to allow some planting that softens the hard landscaping.

image of driveway paved with sun design

Single driveway paved with sun design

Image of front door step created in paving

Paved front door step

Image of flowerbed created using paving blocks

Flowerbed created within paving design