Shared driveway in residential street

Style Stretcher Brick Bond (Alpha Antique)
Type Antique Rustic Block
Area Shared Driveway
Budget £13,000 (guide only)
Size 180m2
Duration 2-3 weeks (guide only)

Both parties concerned wanted to optimise on their land to ease life with small children by creating off street parking allowing the cars to be bought directly to the front door and on to the back garden and garage. This also gave the customers peace of mind when unloading shopping whilst managing with children.

A number of the available colours were used in this project including the brindle, burnt oak, silver haze and charcoal. Given the size of the area, it gave interest to the overall space and meant it balanced with the varying colours and materials seen on the houses. The driveway presented highly maintained properties adding value to the homes.

Image of central shared driveway

Shared driveway central to the neighbouring properties giving access to rear garages and gardens.

Image to front aspect of shared driveway

Front left aspect of shared driveway for east bound neighbour

Images of rustic block paving on front shared driveway

Front aspect of shared drive in a stretcher brick bond paving pattern